Logistics – more than moving goods from A to B

Modern logistics are based on the concept of your enterprise resource planning system, with the task to develop same on all levels in an optimal way. Thus, the organisation and flow chart of the goods movement are created and the movement profile of your goods is written: clearly visible and with detailed information readily available. Modern logistics mean customised movements of goods and information, best fitting to your products and your company so as to enable you to draw the right conclusions at any time.


Goods receipt

  • barcode-identification of each article by scanning
  • paperless processing internally by the labelling of all trading units
  • balancing of order/goods receipt and information to customer


  • identification of each pallet by scanning
  • warehousing through identification of pallet and storage position by scanning; automatic radio transmission into system
  • recording of temperature and humidity
  • pest control
  • Good Storage Practice
  • low temperature storage at 2–8 °C
  • temperature conducted storage (15–25 °C)
  • cytostatics-warehouse
  • storage of narcotic drugs in process of planning


  • paperless picking
  • 100 % weight check of each package
  • error rate less than 0.2 % on position basis
  • recording of temperature and humidity
  • pest control
  • Good Distribution Practice

Order processing management – your personal control centre holds the reins

In order to make the most of the relations to your customers, it is essential to compile and specifically evaluate all insights and perceptions that you can get. SK Pharma Logistics provides the support of a comprehensive and personal customer service. We assume tasks and duties of a professional service provider: from key-account-management and dispatch coordination up to a competent dunning process.


Order processing

  • acceptance of order by means of telephone, fax, e-mail, internet
  • content-related and factual check-up of all order data
  • check-up of prices and conditions
  • coordination of delivery dates with customer, forwarder and in-house
  • coordination AD-dispatch
  • coordination trade fair equipment

Accounts management and statistics

  • accounts management according to address and procurement authorisation plus check-up of conditions
  • statistics on the basis of customers and articles (turnover, sales, postcode, etc.)


  • invoicing on our or the customer’s own invoice form
  • monitoring payments on the basis of lists of outstanding items
  • coordination with customer regarding dunning procedure
  • dunning up to 3rd reminder, afterwards handing over to customer or solicitor

Services – a trouble-free procedure requires a closely-knit network of experts

The procedure and the operation of the logistic business are processes which are continuously optimised. This task is faced by our closely-knit network of experts. Our experts accompany each goods movement directly from the beginning: from your production via intermediate locations up to the consignees. We commission, we store, we organize, we load, we collect – in brief: we cover distances and surmount challenges and we are within your reach – at any time. And you know where your goods are – at any time.



  • manufacturing authorisation according to §13 AMG (Medicinal Products Act)
  • labelling by inkjet or tag
  • exchange of packaging material
  • production of bundle packs
  • packaging of displays, stand-up displays, etc.

Dispatch of advertising material

  • Commissioning and packaging of all advertising material
  • Coordinating sales representatives haulage contractor regarding date of delivery
  • Fitting out trade fair and collecting all material

Dispatching samples

  • Order acceptance via long-distance data transmission
  • Direct order acceptance with monitoring of articles/doctor/annual volume

Storing and dispatching anaesthetics

  • Storing and dispatching in accordance with statutory requirements