Trust means: being convinced to get the best

SK Pharma Logistics handles products which have to comply with the strictest quality and safety requirements. We equally demand the highest standard of our in-house quality assurance. Tests are carried out on the highest level.

Quality assurance at SK Pharma Logistics relies on internal as well as external modules, while both are subject to independent and systematic tests. Our demand on quality is always in accord with our customers’ requirements. Therefore, we implement regular check-ups to make sure that even routine processes are being carried out by all our staff members and our partners carefully and perfectly. In this way the possibility to optimise processes by these check-ups stays in effect. Our principles comply with the quality guidelines (Standard Operation Procedures):
adequate storage (Good Storage Practice), adequate dispatch (Good Distribution Practice).

Quality policy modules at SK Pharma Logistics at a look:

01_ quality guidelines which strictly comply with standards
02_ internal and external audits
03_ a separate department for internal quality assurance
04_ GDP certificate
05_ GMP certificate
06_ GMP veterinary medicinal products certificate
07_ Manufacturing license
08_ Manufacturing license veterinary medicinal products
09_ Wholesaler distribution authorization