History – a short trip into the history of the origin of the Herford Logistics Company

Each company writes its own history. SK Pharma Logistics, a relatively young Herford company, enjoys looking back on a successful path:

A short overview of the main stages:

SK Pharma Logistics is founded by Stephan Krone in Gütersloh in October. Initially, an area of 2,000 square metres provides enough space for 2,000 pallets.

Three years later, our success has become apparent in this branch of industry and SK Pharma Logistics enlarges its storage facilities by renting an additional warehouse: storage depot I is opened with space for 1,500 pallets on 1,500 square metres.

Relocation to the neighbouring city of Herford: all depots are united beneath the same roof. Storage capacities are once again expanded up to now 8,500 pallets. SK Pharma Logistics receives the GMP (= Good Manufacturing Practice)-certification for the new location in Herford.

In this year capacities are again enlarged and further 3,500 square metres are rented at 10, Röntgenstraße in Herford.

Due to its strong market position, SK Pharma Logistics rents further storage capacity (2,500 sqm) in Röntgenstraße 10.