SK Pharma Logistics – dedicated to logistics

SK Pharma Logistics is a German-based logistics company forwarding pharmaceutical products all over Europe and worldwide. We are specializing in goods of the medical and pharmaceutical industry, from medical devices up to highly sensitive medicinal products and diagnostic agents which have to be stored and conveyed under specific conditions. To put it briefly, these products demand handling by experts who are ideally skilled in your branch of industry at each point in time at that.

Firstly, our services cover the optimisation of any movement, distribution, delivery of goods and their respective storage; secondly, it involves a consulting service of trust so as to act for our customers in such an individual way that we can meet your specific requirements. Therefore, we create our offer to you by freely selectable modules. We work according to the latest state-of-the-art technology, and due to our sophisticated warehouse management system, we are able to react in line with demand on all requirements regarding storage, administration and delivery – at any time.
Dependent on the volume we are able to cope with large amounts of goods as well as smallest consignments. This flexibility is a specific feature of our company.

Your advantages

01_ state-of-the-art facilities
02_ highly qualified contacts
03_ lean organisational structure
04_ efficient business processes
05_ most efficient flexibility
06_ consistently fair prices

Range of products overview

  • classic medical and diagnostic devices
  • medication for human and animal health
  • life-science of cuvettes, stabilisation solution and highly sensitive single-use articles for bio-medical research
  • healthcare-products from dietary food supplements up to dental care products incl. accessories